Our price promise

When it comes to booking your trip, there are a lot of factors that go into making your decision, but experience tells us that the most important thing is price.

You want full transparency, an understanding of how we put our costs together and room to negotiate. We hear you. Here’s exactly how we work – no hidden costs or unexpected surprises when you can least afford it.

Best price guarantee

We’ll provide you with a price guarantee that gives you the best possible rates. If you find the same itinerary cheaper elsewhere, we’ll beat it – simply send the quote to us and we’ll do the rest.*

Why we can do this

  • Portfolio Journeys is based in South Africa, so we can cut out the middleman.
  • All our suppliers are contracted at their best available rate.
  • Booking with us is cheaper than going direct! We can negotiate prices that suppliers won’t offer directly to the public.
  • We’ll beat any quote you can find for the same itinerary.
  • We do not charge for advice. The expert knowledge offered by our consultants is part of our service to you – no consulting fee attached.

Our promise

We’ll give you a comprehensive quote outlining all the costs of your trip. There won’t be any hidden costs or unwelcome surprises once you get there.

We are not permitted to disclose an individual nightly rate, nor are we permitted to sell hotels and lodges on their own, below the public rate – that’s the deal that we have with our suppliers as a tour operator. However, by quoting you a package rate, we offer a rate for your itinerary that is far better than one you would get if you booked your itinerary direct.

Got questions?

We’d love to hear from you. No question is too insignificant – if you’re worried about it, ask us.
Call or email our consultants on +27 21 250 0018 or enquiries@portfoliojourneys.com

* ONLY valid for Portfolio Journeys itinerary bookings – not Portfolio accommodation bookings