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Since 1982, Portfolio has been the benchmark for handpicked, curated accommodation. Way before email and online bookings, our dedicated consultants travelled the length and breadth of Southern Africa visiting unique accommodations that would meet the Portfolio standard of something extra special. These places made up our early accommodation listings in the form of our iconic blue guidebook. When we say we’ve slept in the beds, checked out the views and dined with the owners ourselves, we really mean it.

While times have changed since then and our guidebook has given way to our online collection, our dedication to those standards has not. We still personally check out each place that we list and we only recommend places we would be happy to stay at. That’s why, after four decades, we still offer the most trusted places to stay in Southern Africa.

Portfolio Journeys

But our journey doesn’t end there. Almost a decade ago, we decided to extend our travel offering to include tailor-made itineraries to Southern and East Africa. We combined our 40 years of accommodation expertise with the experience and heritage of a brand that is both a travel industry leader and long time friends of Portfolio – UK tour operator, Africa Collection. From the start, it was a match made in heaven.


Through this partnership, Portfolio Journeys was born. In Journeys, we offer you the opportunity to design an itinerary that is personalised and tailored to your every need. From the choice of destination and activities to your budget and luxury preferences, we will plan a trip that is uniquely yours and we won’t stop until what you get is exactly what you envision.

Local Is lekker

Based in colourful and vibrant Cape Town, our local travel consultants are committed to bringing your travel dreams to life, either by helping you plan and book your dream Africa trip or finding you the perfect accommodation that you can book directly. We know the hidden gems and secret spots because we’ve grown up visiting them, and it’s our business to introduce you to them.

Itinerary vs direct accommodation bookings

You might be asking, why bother with an itinerary booking when I can just simply book my own accommodation right here? Fair point. If you’re a local or a repeat international visitor who knows South Africa well and likes to travel independently, we invite you to explore our accommodation collection and book anything that takes your fancy. But if you want something extra – an all-inclusive, custom-built package where every detail is taken care of for you – our itinerary service is for you.

We promise you the best possible rates when you book an itinerary with us. We get exclusive rates from our suppliers that you won’t find online as they’re not available to the general public. If you find the same itinerary anywhere else for less, we’ll beat it – all you have to do is send us the quote and we’ll take care of the rest. And, if you refer a friend who goes on to book a Portfolio Journeys itinerary, we will pay you 5% of their booking value in cashback

Our mission

Everyone’s encounter with Africa should be unforgettable and this is exactly what we aim for. Get in touch today and let’s make Africa your next bucket list trip.

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