If you find yourself unable to choose between the lure of the African bush and the bliss of a palm-fringed beach retreat, we’re about to make your day. In Africa you can do both in one trip and it’s far easier than you think. The bush and beach combination is known in travel circles as the holy grail of holidays; an experience that delivers on luxury, adventure and relaxation all in one one sensational escape – you know, two birds, one stone and all that. We can tailor our combo tours to inside of a week if you’re short on time, or we can take you on a leisurely meander from reserves to islands across 14 glorious days (or more!). Here’s why sand, sea and sun mix so well with a safari.

See two different worlds in one trip

Imagine the sun setting over the African bush, a enormous glowing orb balanced precariously on the orange-streaked horizon. In the distance lions are roaring, while from above comes the haunting call of a lone African Fish-Eagle circling the savannah. At the waterhole elephant, zebra, wildebeest and gazelle gather to slake their thirst after a long, hot day, while smaller creatures scuttle back to their burrows before the predators own the night. This is the African wilderness – wild, primal, thrilling. Your safari is a constant adventure that requires sharp eyes, patience and occasionally delivers a spine-tingling scare as a curious animal ventures closer than is comfortable.

Now close your eyes and be transported to another fiery sunset as golden savannah is replaced with dazzling white sand and the grunt of lions fades out to the gentle lap of waves on the shore. Lush green jungle swaps places with thorny thickets and the only unnerving moment is realising you can’t possibly return to reality after experiencing such perfect paradise.

Your safari with thrill the socks off you and your beach escape will melt your soul in a haze of relaxation.

A smorgasbord of experiences

Activities on your bush and beach trip are about as varied as they come, with game drives and walking safaris juxtaposed against snorkelling through crystal clear waters.  You can picnic on a secluded beach, bathe in a luxurious bush star bath and even sleep out in a treehouse with nothing but extended stilts between you and the animal kingdom below. Surfing, stand up paddle boarding, scuba diving and swimming are all freely available at our island destinations, while the many protected reserves that form part of the island nations offer the chance for up close encounters with birds and marine life. Private bush dinners, horseback rides and even hot air balloon trips are available at many of our safari lodges. You’ll also have plenty of down time to relax in between, ensuring you don’t need a holiday after your activity-filled holiday.

No need to cross borders

Our bush and beach combos can take you from the private reserves of South Africa to the exotic shores of East Africa, but there’s no need to do a multi-country trip unless you want to. We offer bush and beach safaris in the same country if you don’t have the time or inclination for additional travel days, for example a Tanzanian safari followed by Zanzibar beach or a tour of Kenya’s parks that ends on the tropical shores of the Kenyan coast. South Africa has it’s very own bush & beach blend in Cape Town and Kruger, or you can go a little further afield to Mauritius; with a flight time of just under 4 hours from Joburg, this is a popular option if you’d prefer not to venture further north.

Bring the family

Bush and beach combos are fantastic if you’re planning a trip with your family. Beach resorts and hotels are renowned for being family orientated, catering for everyone from toddlers to teens and adults.* Many resorts run kids’ clubs operated by trained staff who keep the children safe and entertained, giving you the freedom to sit back and relax. Not all safari lodges are family-friendly but we work with a wide range who are, from South Africa all the way to Tanzania, so we’re sure to find something that fits. Our kid-friendly lodges run mini ranger programmes designed to educate and entertain children so they too get an inclusive safari experience.

*If you’re not travelling with children and you’d prefer to stay in an adults-only resort, let us know when you enquire and we’ll present you with an appropriate selection of options.

It’s all done for you

From internal flights to airport transfers and car rental, from booking additional game viewing activities to planning your sunset beach picnic, you won’t need to lift a finger to arrange a thing. We will do it all for you, making sure you have enough time to get from one destination to the next and more than enough time to get the full experience once you’re there. All you have to do is decide to book; from there, it’s on us.

Your greatest hybrid African adventure awaits you. Touch base with our friendly travel consultants for more info. They are happy to answer all your questions with no obligation – remember, our advice is free.

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