Travelling requires research, planning and patience, all of which are tied to one thing: time. Most of us live busy lives and wish for an eighth day of the week; time is precious and hard to come by. So how do you begin to plan the trip of a lifetime? We think it’s about finding someone to do all the homework and organising for you from start to finish, so all you have to do is make the (guided) decisions about what you’d like to see. We’ll take care of all the hard work, leaving you to enjoy the process and get excited about your trip. Here’s why you should book with us.

1. Creating itineraries tailored to your individual needs

Visiting Africa is a unique experience that should be exactly what you’ve dreamed of and more. To ensure this, it’s important that your itinerary is designed in line with all of your needs, from budget, to length of trip, travellers travelling and desired experiences, to name a few. A customised itinerary also means that your trip will be unique to you, making it that much more special. We go the extra mile, carefully piecing together the ideal itinerary for you and you don’t have to accept until you are 100% satisfied.

2. Expert assistance

Our travel consultants have been around the block more a few times so you can take comfort in the fact that they’re the best people for the job, quite simply because they know what they’re doing. They have the skills and connections necessary to create the perfect itinerary for you at the best possible price, while at the same time being extremely efficient, professional and reliable. PS: Our advice is also free – zero consulting fees, no obligation.

3. Extensive local knowledge

Having extensive knowledge really goes hand-in-hand with providing expert assistance. Our travel consultants know a lot about Africa so when it comes to recommendations and planning, you can rest assured that you’re dealing with people who know their stuff. They have been to many the places they recommend to you, so they know what works and what doesn’t, thereby ensuring you get the very best selection and suggestions.

4. Every detail is taken care of for you

At Portfolio Journeys, we take our planning very seriously. For us, creating a bespoke itinerary is not only about plotting the perfect route, but it’s also about all the details along the way. You’ll be happy to know that we take care of every last detail, big or small, from booking accommodation, to arranging transfers, flights, rail journeys, car hire and day trips. And yes, also that bottle of champagne for a special birthday or a surprise picnic for an anniversary.

5. 100% personalised 

Not only are our itineraries personalised according to your needs, but the service we provide is friendly, hands-on and personal. We treat each of our clients as if they’re our only one, priding ourselves on our attention to detail and understanding of your situation. We hold your hand every step of the way, answering all of your questions and making sure the whole process is a pleasurable one. We’re available to assist throughout your trip, including while you’re here, and even send a follow up once you’ve returned home – bottom line: we look after you.

6. Best price guaranteed

We understand that experiencing the trip of a lifetime doesn’t come cheap, but we make every effort to offer you the best possible rates available. In fact, our price guarantee is that if you can find the same itinerary for less, we’ll beat it. We’re able to cut out the middle man and negotiate on your behalf, getting rates from suppliers that they don’t offer to the public. Our full itineraries cost the same or less than if you booked the itinerary accommodation options yourself. Our goal is to deliver the best possible experience at the best possible price. We also have flexible booking conditions that enable you to book with peace of mind. Should the world shut down as it did during 2020, we will make sure you get what you paid for or your money back.

7. We’re passionate about sustainability and ethical travel

These days it’s not enough for tour companies to offer an instagrammable safari experience – we need to deliver to you a tailor-made journey that is both sustainable in its impact on the environment and ethical in the experiences that we promote. As a SATSA (South African Tourism Services Association) member, we are continuously updating our policies to reflect the progress made in keeping our planet and its inhabitants safe from potential harm caused by travel. We adhere to strict guidelines around the animal interactions that we offer, and we give preference to lodges with green or sustainable systems in place. We want you to rest assured that when you travel with us, you can travel with a clear conscience.

8. COVID protocols

There’s no denying that the travel landscape has changed since the dawn of COVID-19. Safety protocols and social distancing are our top considerations when we help you plan your trip. We will only book you into lodges that satisfy our safety standards, and we will work closely with you to ensure you feel comfortable at all times. Your health is our priority.

Take a look at our range of itineraries to get an idea of what we can do for you and don’t hesitate to get in touch with queries. You might also want to read these blogs:

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We look forward to welcoming you to our continent for your adventure to remember.