Closely resembling the most beautiful of the Caribbean islands, Mauritius is an island nation of beaches, lagoons and reefs along the outside and mountains, waterfalls and rain forests in the interior. It’s a great destination for couples and families with a wide variety of activities available – water sports, golf, scuba diving, deep sea fishing and, of course, just relaxing on the pristine beaches. The island is located 1200 miles off the east coast of Africa, its closest landbound neighbour being Mozambique, while Madagascar is sandwiched snugly in between them. There are regular flights from Southern and East Africa, making this an easy beach add-on to any itinerary. Mauritius is a melting pot of cultures, with influences ranging from Creole to French to English. The island is made for exploring – expect to find Indian temples (Hinduism is the main religion), botanical gardens, colonial houses and some of the rarest animals on earth hidden in its untamed forests.

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