Malawi is a land-locked country south of the equator, bordered by Tanzania in the north, Zambia in the west and Mozambique in the south and east. Lake Malawi dominates the country, covering almost 30% of its total area, and is easily the land’s most captivating natural wonder. It’s also known as the ‘Calendar Lake’ as it is 365 miles at its longest and 52 miles at its widest.

The lake is still one of Africa’s best kept secrets. The crystal clear waters are home to schools of colourful fish and an array of bird species, while around the edge you’ll find mile upon mile of golden sand beaches without the crowds of more popular island destinations.

But Malawi is not just a lake. Other attractions include national parks and game reserves with elephant, hippo, leopard and lion, while the mountain highlands are split by the Great Rift Valley and offer majestic hiking. The country has a rich cultural heritage and its people are known as the friendliest in Africa.

Malawi’s two major cities are the capital, Lilongwe, and Blantyre, the economic centre, both featuring a variety of shops and restaurants for those more accustomed to Western living.