There are two kinds of trips you can take – one in which you see the sights and the other where you feel the sensations. It’s these trips, full of experience and adventure, that truly make travel come alive. Discover a world of adventure in Africa and take home unforgettable memories of flying, canoeing and merging as one with the wilderness.  Here are our top picks for adventure activities in southern Africa…


Swim in Devil’s Pool

Think pure exhilaration as you dip into Devil’s pool and peer over the edge of Victoria Falls, the world’s largest falling sheet of water. Swim in the might Zambezi River as you watch the mist rise from the ‘Smoke that Thunders’.  If you’ve ever wanted to hear and feel the full force of nature, this is the way to do it. All Devil’s Pool trips are done with a guide and only during the months when the falls are not at their fullest – safety first.


White water rafting down the Zambezi

This guided excursion will take you skimming down Africa’s fourth largest river and add the thrill of adrenaline to your Vic Falls or safari adventure. Paddle through the channel that divides Zambia and Zimbabwe, witnessing prolific game and bird life on either side of the river, and hold on tight as you fly through the rapids close to the Victoria Falls.


Landrover sand dune tour in Namibia

Ever-shifting fiery dunes, a comfortable 4×4 and an endless orbit of sandy landscape to navigate just before the sun goes down. Buckle up for a ride that will leave you breathless. Perch on the edge of burnt orange sand cliffs before cruising down the dune at a thrilling speed.  Experience a desert sunset in the best possible way!


Mobile safaris

Whether you’re in Botswana’s Okavango Delta, the untamed wilderness of Tanzania or the walking safari mecca that is Zambia, a mobile tented safari is one of the most exciting ways to experience the bush. Every few days your guides will pack up camp and move you to a different location. These fully staffed safaris mean you don’t have to do any of the grunt work; just enjoy traversing from one camp to the next. Camp alongside rivers and waterholes and experience game viewing in some of Southern Africa’s most secluded and remote locations. Enjoy bush dinners cooked over flames and sip coffee beside the camp fire. This is the bush at it most raw and real.


Mokoro in the Okavango Delta

There is no carriage more peaceful than a mokoro (traditional dug out canoe) drifting along the channels of the Delta. Glide past elephants and tiny frogs clinging to reeds and spot the semi-aquatic Sitatunga antelope’s eyes above the water’s surface.  The negligible disturbance of the mokoro means you can get close to animals without alarming them, providing incredible photo opportunities. es.


Hike through the Fish River Canyon

Fancy hiking the world’s second largest canyon? This guided hike has to be pre-booked well in advance and done between May and September for optimal temperatures. You will need to show a medical health certificate and carry your own sleeping bag, cooking equipment and food. Be prepared to be challenged in one of the most starkly beautiful landscapes Southern Africa has to offer. For those not keen on a challenging hike, there’s a bike tour through the canyon with sundowners at the top. You’ll look down over sweeping views and one of the most beautiful sunsets you’ll ever see.


Canoe safari down Rio Olifantes in Mozambique

If you prefer more relaxing adventures, the three day canoe safari down the Rio Olifantes River in Mozambique is ideal. The river waters flow at a swift 4-6 km/ hour, so you don’t need to be super-fit or experienced. You’ll wild camp along the river banks and spot plains game in the surrounding bush. Anglers can enjoy a spot of tiger fishing and you’ll stop frequently for refreshing swims alongside the sandbars. At the day’s end, you’ll round a bend to find your tented camp set up for you on the riverbank.


Ready to write your own adventure story? We can plan your travel itinerary to include any of these activities – or ones we haven’t mentioned. Get in touch and ask us all your burning questions.