Bejeweled with rugged mountains, captivating coastlines, panoramic oceans and winding rivers, South Africa’s landscapes are ripe for adventures. From hiking to paragliding to river rafting, here’s our pick of thrilling experiences for your next South African trip. For those who prefer unique experiences like mountain top picnics over heart-stopping adrenaline adventures, we’ve got you covered too. Click here to read about some of the most memorable experiences you can have in South Africa.

Treetop Canopy Tours

Let loose your inner Tarzan and Jane and swing through the forests of Elgin and Tsitsikamma with Treetop Canopy tours. Get harnessed up and fly through the trees from one platform to the next along a series of steel cables. Treetop Canopy Tours are safe for travellers over 5 years of age. There are seven locations to chose from so we can fix you up with a tour almost anywhere in SA.

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Hot air balloon flights

Soar into the skies over Magaliesburg just after sunrise and experience unforgettable views. Sip champagne and watch the sky change from pink and orange to blue as you float weightless above the earth. When you land, you’ll enjoy a champagne breakfast where you can toast your courage. This is without a doubt one of the most romantic adventure activities South Africa has to offer.

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Sidecar tours

The breathtaking curves of Chapman’s Peak are all the more thrilling when seen from a sidecar. Hitched to the side of a motorbike, you’ll relax as your chauffeur whizzes you along Africa’s most scenic drive. For those with valid licenses, self -drive tours are also available. Choose from a two hour whip around the peninsula or a multi-day tour down the coast or Garden Route.

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Shark cage diving

Head to the mecca of shark cage diving, Gaansbaai in the Cape Overberg, and take a boat trip out into the ocean for a close encounter with a variety of sharks – Great White included. From the safety of a cage you’ll get to witness the surprising grace and beauty of these most misunderstood of predators. The best time to go is during the winter months of May – Septemberas sharks hone their hunting skills on the profusion of young seal pups who are practicing their own survival savvy.

Hiking in the Drakensberg

One of South Africa’s most majestic mountain ranges, the Drakensberg is a premium hiking destination. Experienced hikers can choose a strenuous trail such as the Giant’s Cup Trail and the Amphitheatre, while strollers can enjoy easier wanders through Rainbow Gorge and or up to Sugar Loaf Gap (this one is great with kids). Some routs take you up chain ladders, through deep gorges or scrambling along mountain streams. What they all have in common is some of the most rewarding mountain scenery in the country.

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White water rafting down Umkomaas River in KZN

The Umkomaas River is largest river on the South Coast, winding from high in the Drakensberg through the KZN Midlands and down into the ocean near Durban. It has the highest volume white water south of the Zambezi, from beginner’s rapids near the Mkomazi to Grade 3 rapids with huge waves that offer the best white water rafting in SA.  You can take a day trip or make a night of it with an overnight at a bush camp in the Umkomaas Valley. Groups start at 4 people minimum.

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Graskop Gorge lift

Hop in this custom-designed 26-passenger viewing elevator and drop off the grassy cliff top into a flight that takes you 51m down the cliff face into the cool mountain forest below – all of this happens in just one minute! Once your ride is over, follow the extensive network of elevated walkways, suspension bridges and interactive exhibits that lead you along indigenous forest trails and across streams until you reach the Panorama Gorge waterfall which plummets 70m into the gorge below.


You don’t need to know what you’re doing to enjoy watersports – there are plenty of options for everyone from the complete novices to the experienced athlete. Depending on the beach you visit, you can try wind surfing, kite surfing, kayaking, standup paddle boarding or just plain old surfing. The beaches of Durban and Cape town are packed with watersports schools with highly skilled coaches who can introduce you to what might become your new hobby.

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Picnicking on Cape Town’s Signal Hill at sunset is one way to enjoy the mountain and the views. Paragliding down the mountain face onto the grassy area alongside Seapoint Promenade is another way. Not air aware? Not to worry – you won’t be alone as you’ll glide through the air in tandem with a professional, making sure you’re completely safe and can concentrate on enjoying the views of Africa’s most beautiful city.

We can plan your South African itinerary to include any – or all! – of the above activities. Get in touch and let us know what you’d like to try.